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the hazes of a vast ambition. He swam in the
current ideologies of his time and so he shared
the prevalent socialist drive towards collectivisa-
tion. But while his sounder-minded contempor-
aries were studying means and ends he jumped
from a very imperfect understanding of the
Trades Union movement in Britain to the
wildest generalisations about the social process.
He invented and antagonised two phantoms.
One was the Capitalist System ; the other the
There never has been anything on earth that
could be properly called a Capitalist System.
What was the matter with his world was mani-
festly its entire want of system. What the
Socialists were feeling their way towards was
the discovery and establishment of a world
The Haves of our period were and are a
fantastic miscellany of people, inheriting or
getting their power and influence by the most
various means and methoids. They had and have
nothing of the interbreeding social solidarity even
of a feudal aristocracy or an Indian caste. But
Marx, looking rather into his inner consciousness
than at any concrete reality, evolved that
monster " System " on his Right. Then over
against it, still gazing steadily into that vacuum,